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Wisdom Sun Photo Gallery

Wisdom Sun Photo Galleries

Shingle Springs Retreat, May 2011

The first Wisdom Sun retreat was held in Shingle Springs, California. We were incredibly fortunate to have the use of our friends’ house that provided the ideal retreat environment—beautiful, spacious, and secluded. Over five days, we studied and practiced together, indoors and outdoors. We had a refuge ceremony for four new Buddhist refugees, which was a truly wonderful and heartfelt ceremony. Together the retreatants practiced yoga, lujong, and meditation; studied and discussed the Dharma teachings; sang and danced; worked and played; and shared stories and experiences both difficult and delightful.

Holiday, Cornwall, UK 2005

These photos were taken on a five-day holiday that Khenpo Rinpoche took with Ari, Rose, and Bridget Taylor, between his teachings in the UK and going to Dechen Choling in France. It was a magical time singing and dancing at the ancient sites of Cornwall such as Tintagel (King Arthur’s castle ruins on a beautiful and rugged promontory) and hanging out eating pasties in the crowded tourist spots of Newquay. Khenpo Rinpoche particularly enjoyed King Arthur’s castle, which he spoke about for many months afterwards, and also Saint Michael’s Mount, a castle built on a little island, which Rinpoche praised as the most beautiful seaside garden in the world. He has certainly seen many, so that is a pretty reliable endorsement!

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