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Teaching Series for Purchase

All the teaching series we have given in San Francisco so far have been recorded and are available for purchase. They are sent as mp3 audio files to download over the internet. Each is a four-part series and includes a 30-minute individual q&a session with Ari or Rose (in-person, on the phone, or via Skype).

Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like to order any of these recordings or if you have any questions.

The Progressive Stages of Meditation on Genuine Reality: Stage 1, The Nature of the Individual
The “progressive stages” form the step-by-step meditative path of connecting with our own true nature and the true nature of our world. Doing this brings a more vivid, harmonious, and enjoyable experience of life.

In this course, Ari and Rose lead in-depth study and meditation of the first stage, which reveals our true nature as individuals. The course is based on Khenpo Tsültrim Gyamtso’s Stars of Wisdom, and emphasizes the experiential, meditative quality of these teachings.

The Progressive Stages of Meditation on Genuine Reality, Stage 2: The View and Meditation of Mind-Only—How our mind’s habitual patterns create our world, and what we can do about it.
Buddha taught that the most powerful thing in the world is our own mind. Mind creates the way we perceive things and how we react to those perceptions. The Mind-Only School explains where our habitual patterns originate and how they control our happiness and suffering. Exploring this school’s view and meditation gives us the key to mastering our mind and unlocking its full potential.

The Progressive Stages of Meditation on Genuine Reality, Stage 3: Embodying The Wisdom of Emptiness
Form is empty, emptiness is form.
Emptiness is not other than form; form is not other than emptiness.

This teaching of the Heart Sutra is one of the most famous in all of Buddhism. But what does it actually mean? And how can we fully integrate it into our lives? How can we come to fully embody the wisdom of emptiness? This course explores these questions, using body-based meditation techniques to clarify and enhance the experience of meditating on emptiness.

Natural Wisdom, Natural Compassion, Stage 4: the Buddha’s Teachings on the Enlightened Essence of Mind
In this four-session course, Ari and Rose explore the key points of the teachings on Buddha Nature and how, as modern practitioners, we can put them into practice to enable us to fully manifest the wisdom, compassion, confidence, and joy that are our own mind's inherent qualities

Grounded Spaciousness
During these classes, we will learn meditation techniques that help us:

  • synchronize body and mind
  • ground our awareness in our bodies and in the world
  • bring spacious relaxation into our lives
  • develop love and acceptance for ourselves and others
  • connect with our own innate guiding wisdom

Embarking on the Wisdom Journey I
We are delighted to invite you to begin exploring this wisdom together with us. We will study the classic textual sources, meditate, and most importantly, learn how to integrate wisdom into our life.

Embarking on the Wisdom Journey II
We are delighted to invite you to continue this exploration of Buddhist wisdom together with us. We study the classic textual sources, meditate, have dialogue, and most importantly, learn how to find wisdom in our very own mind, body, and heart.

Meditations on the 5 Elements and 5 Wisdoms
The universe without and our bodies within are constituted by five elements—earth, water, fire, wind, and space. When they are out of balance, there are upheavals in the world and we are susceptible to sickness and mental disturbances. By becoming familiar with the elements and meditating on them, we can bring them into external and internal balance.

The enlightened nature of these elements is the five wisdoms—the wisdom of equality, mirror-like wisdom, discriminating wisdom, all-accomplishing wisdom, and all-accommodating wisdom. Through developing our understanding and awareness of these wisdom energies, we learn to more fully manifest the wisdoms that naturally abide in each of us. This increases our sense of natural confidence and groundedness; clarity and flexibility; creativity and passion; energy and fulfillment, and the ability to hold all that arises in our minds and in our lives.

Milarepa Summer Songfest
What are meditation's nails to drive home?
All thoughts are free in being Dharmakaya,
It's awareness, clarity and bliss,
So to meditate, rest uncontrived.

- Milarepa's "Song of the Three Nails"

The songs of realization of the great yogis and yoginis are fantastic aids for our practice of meditation. They teach us the essential points of Dharma in a clear way that is easy to understand and powerful to put into practice.

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